What most schools don’t teach!!!!!

With this post I am not trying to publicize any person or any products. But its just because, this video could convey the feelings that I had during those time when started to like programming and computer.
When the gods in my field are talking then there is nothing left to be said. Truly inspirational for any computer science related people and those planning on starting their own companies.

New link can befound at abijith-kp.github.io


here at NITC….

For the past few days I was searching for blog posts written by my seniors here at NITC, about their experience here at the college. I found that most of them, were very happy and anxious in sharing their views experiences about their college life., and if I write something about it now some of the things would be a repetition but some of them would be unique to me.

Actually I started to hear about NITs only during the last few weeks of schooling life. Till that date I was aware of only few nationally renowned colleges which includes IITs.
After my JEE results came, I was about to fix one of the colleges in Kerala itself and started to search for it and without any reason I expected that I will not be getting admission in NITs also.

But at last due to some good deeds that I had done before  I got an admission at NIT, Calicut. As all other students who got into this great institute, I also had lot of dreams….

One funny experience that happens regularly after this was that when I tell about the college to some people in my neighbourhood, the first question that a arised was “Are you in NIIT?”.
For first few times I used to correct them but later I changed my style of answering these questions as : “Studying engineering in Calicut.”

The one thing that most NITC’ians (I have to research about other people) is that after two years they study in this college they feel that something is not going right.

One specific fact that I started to understand by the end of my first year and is fully convinced now(after about 3 years of survival in this college 🙂 ) is that once you get into something, it is pretty hard to get out it, till you have passed out of this college. Be it any any habit, or any any other field. This information is particularly aimed at people who are a little dedicated to their work. Now you must be thinking that obviously, all the people who like their work do it without a break….. but here the situation is a little different. In a group of people, most of them were dragged into doing it by their seniors(may be during ragging or their school seniors) during their first year, even if they are not interested.

I am telling all this is only to give you an idea of the circumstances, a (“normal”) first year is going through in the beginning. He is not given much chances to try out different things. But later when they go to their senior years, then these people have to take the initiative to move on to other things, which usually never happens.

Next thing that I found very interesting but also disappointing is the Clubs of NITC. These people can make great changes to the views and interests and also give the students a great platform to express and review their talents. But that never happens here. All of them just wanted their name to get publicised but never looks at what the majority wants. I really have to quote my friend here: “Club activities should be taken as a service to the society”. I just wished that even if it couldn’t do anything good to the whole community it could have done something good to the students at the college.

In most students here, all kinds of development happens but the development in terms of engineering skills has never changed from the point he/she had entered into the college. From my experience till now I really have a feeling that any person who had got out from this college must have acquired some skills to survive. I hope that I also have got something to survive with, when I get out of this college.

Aakash tablet

Last year I got an opportunity to go for the FOSS.IN programme conducted in Banglore which is one of India’s largest event relating opensource technologies. One among many talks conducted there was one by people from IIT-Bombay on Aakash tablets. This was the first time I got to hear something about the technology, motive and the development process behind this tablet. You can read more about the specifications and all about Aakash here. One talk was by a faculty from IITB who is one of the people in-charge of the project, about the history of its development and the hacks done on Aakash tablet. The second one by one of its developers about how they ran a Linux kernel on top of android and the addition of few programming languages and porting of Scilab to be used in tablet.

When one hears about the mission of this project, the first thing that comes to mind would: “Why should we have something of this sort, when we can use books for education?”. With the idea of Aakash the people behind had a a clear cut idea on why it should be implemented.
When you think for a minute you will get all the disadvantages for this idea. But Government is trying to bring technology to every underprivileged students in India,at comparatively very low cost, which should be considered as a great achievement.

The main aim of Aakash project is giving the students a great learning tool which can be used for programming including C/C++, Python Scilab etc, general purpose reading, watching  videos and many more. I heard that the people behind this programme is comming up with a repository of tutorial videos. These videos will be converted into different local languages. This specific idea is to take the tablet to even the remote areas of the country where people have difficulties in communicating in English language. They are also planning to hire few people in transilating the videos to any local languages.